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How to start a podcasting business

How to start a podcasting businessIf you have a long commute or a lot of housework to rattle through, the chances are that you’re already a fan of podcasts. If not, you soon will be, as almost a quarter of Americans surveyed last year had listened to a podcast within the last month. This isn’t just a large audience, but a highly engaged one: listeners make it through 90% of a podcast episode on average, and the overwhelming majority don’t even skip the adverts.

Podcasts are all the rage, and more people than ever are being tempted into starting their own. If you have a niche interest or something interesting to share with the world, you could find that podcasting is a lucrative business. Yet while you can podcast with little more than a microphone and a laptop, putting on a great show requires a little more thought and preparation. Here then are the things you absolutely need to know if you want to start a podcasting business.

What are the benefits of starting a business in France?

What are the benefits of starting a business in FranceThere are all sorts of reasons to live in France, but it’s typically been ignored as a business destination by many outsiders. Stereotypes of an unfriendly business climate, a low rate of English literacy and a laid-back working culture have stuck in the popular imagination, even as these issues have been relentlessly disproven.

In 2018 however, there can be no argument that France has turned a corner. From the business policies of President Macron to the incredible success of tech businesses, France is now as incredible a place to work and start a successful enterprise as it is to live a great life. Here are just a few reasons to convince you into starting a business in France.

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