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What Does The Pre-Brexit Budget Mean For Small Businesses?

What Does The Pre Brexit Budget Mean For Small Businesses


“Austerity is over.” That’s the line from the Prime Minister and the Chancellor, who has just delivered the country’s last budget before Brexit. With cuts continuing in many areas, the reality is somewhat different - but we do have a few tax breaks to contend with.

This budget may less interesting to businesses than the effect Brexit will have, with so much still to be decided. But amidst a mixed slate of news, there are some positives for the business community. Here’s what your small business needs to know about the latest UK budget and how things are shaping up in the run up to Brexit.

How to transfer your business to France

How to transfer your business to France


France was once seen as a country that was anti-entrepreneur. But with the election of Emmanuelle Macron who is furiously trying to put France back on the business map with new labour laws that favour the employer and tax cuts that ease the burden on business owners, France is now becoming a country where startups and entrepreneurs abound.

And with Brexit looming - putting the UK in a difficult position for business negotiations – and with the US getting tough with trade tariffs, France is being viewed as the next best option for traders and importers who want to stay the right side of the EU. In fact, many entrepreneurs who had originally left France for better business environments are now asking to come back to France. But how can they do that without getting buried in bureaucratic paperwork?

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