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Does foodtech only work in certain countries?

Does foodtech only work in certain countries


You may not realise it, but you’ve probably interacted with foodtech - and it probably didn’t seem very technical. Subscription boxes such as Graze and Naturebox, as well as meal preparation kits like Blue Apron, are all examples of this burgeoning field. This is a world that goes beyond just apps and into the disruption of an industry: from new models of delivery to new means of consumption, and new ways to make and sell food.

As foodtech has become more of a buzzword, however, there have been some suggestions that its opportunities for growth are overblown. The culture around food in many countries is such that disruption seems incredibly difficult, with routines and habits extremely hard to break. While this may be partly true, there are enough examples to show that innovation in the foodtech sector can permeate every country.

A Guide To ‘Silicon IX’ - The Biggest Tech Hub In Paris

A Guide To Silicon IX The Biggest Tech Hub In Paris 2

While Silicon Valley still steals the headlines, France may be the world’s most interesting startup destination. With a relentless focus on promoting tech startups over the past decade, France has accelerated from a standing start to become a major player on the world stage. The country now sends the second largest delegation to the Consumer Electronics Show (behind the US), and boasts dozens of well-developed startup hubs.

The epicentre of this success is undoubtedly the capital, Paris. Most of the focus in recent months has been on the startup campus Station F, founded by tech entrepreneur Xavier Niel. The converted train station hosts hundreds of small businesses at fair rates, along with a presence by numerous multinationals, including L’Oreal and Microsoft. But if Station F is where many businesses are finding their feet, the next goal is now the 9th Arrondissement - now being dubbed as ‘Silicon IX’.

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