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What is the best startup visa scheme in Europe?

What is the best startup visa scheme in Europe


Most entrepreneurs only ever think about starting a business at home, with expanding abroad a pipe dream or afterthought. Yet to truly understand how to sell internationally, you need to step outside of your comfort zone. While you may not know where to start, many countries are actively seeking investment, making the process of moving easier than you might think.

The EORI number explained: what it is and why you need it to trade

EORI number explained what it is and why you need it to trade


Though there’s still a chance of avoiding it, the UK could be leaving the European Union pretty soon. While many of the repercussions of this can only be speculated about, one aspect that is set in stone is the effect it would have on trade. Businesses who trade with other EU nations will face administrative hurdles, namely the need for an EORI number to continue importing and exporting.

With the deadline looming and many businesses on the backfoot, the UK government has announced that it is auto-enrolling almost 90,000 businesses who had not yet signed up to the scheme. However, this is not the end of the preparation for businesses, nor does it explain what the EORI number is and why you need it. Here’s a little more information on what an EORI number does, and what you need to do before Brexit.

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